(Schedule of) My day trip to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium and Ocean Expo Park on 29 Oct 2018, Monday.

Website for Ocean Expo Park which includes Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. http://oki-park.jp/sp/kaiyohaku/en/

To get there: http://oki-park.jp/sp/kaiyohaku/en/acc/

Additional information:

⁃ They took a photo of me at the entrance. At the exit of the aquarium, you can collect a free card size photo, which I did. Or pay about 1000yen for an additional standard sized photo with cover.

⁃ Free audio guides are provided. The counter is on the right side of the entrance, under “Annual passport.” You are to email them to reserve a guide. However, when I emailed, it was fully reserved but they suggested that I check if there were any cancellations at the counter. I was thus able to get an audio guide.

⁃ If you want to re-enter the aquarium, get a re-entry stamp at the exit.

⁃ I bought some rice balls and drinks expecting the food there to be expensive. However, the prices there were quite reasonable. I took photos of 2 eateries as well. Check them below.

Okinawa Churaumi AquariumIMG_2287

8:30am – Entered the Aquarium at 830am. Best decision. There were few people at the opening. The crowds surged at about 930am onwards. It was packed with people though it was a Monday morning.

Kuroshio Sea Tank at 8:45am. IMG_2298

Kuroshio Sea Tank at 9:30am.IMG_2322

9:00am – Churami Theatre (watched “The Churami Sea”) The video is in Japanese. There is an English audio guide for each show. You may obtain it at the entrance of the theatre 10mins before each show. Ask the staff nearby if you cannot find it. Each show is about 20mins.

Audio Guide for Churaumi Theater. Left dial changes the language heard. Right dial is the on/off switch and volume control. IMG_2300

9:30am – Manta Ray and Whale Shark feeding from above the Kuroshio sea tank. This area above the Kuroshio Sea Tank is called “Explore the Kuroshio Sea Tank”. It is open from 8:30-11:00 and 5:30pm till closing. You would need to take the lift to above the tank. It is inside the Whale Shark and Manta Ray Coner.

The lift to “Explore the Kuroshio Sea Tank” is at the left corner end of this room.IMG_2323

10:00am – Churaumi Theatre (watched “Kuroshio Sea”)

10:20-10:40am – Free. Visited the Manatee and Sea turtle pool. This is located outside the Churaumi Aquarium. Just 2mins walk from the exit.

To see the Manatees and sea turtles. Free. IMG_2325

11:00am – Churaumi Theatre (watched “The Churami Sea”)

Walked to the Okichan theatre nearby. About 5mins walk from Churaumi Aquarium.

11:30am – Free “show” called Dolphin Observatory. This is held on the right side of the Okichan Theatre. There is no signage for this show. I knew about the show through the website. The explanation was in Japanese but it was amazing to see the dolphin up close. The dolphin did some tricks.

Dophin Observatory. Free.IMG_2338.JPG

11:50am – Free Diver show. This is held at the side of the Okichan theatre. Limited seats. There was a little splash from the dolphin at the start of the show. It showcases the interaction between the divers and dolphins. Though it is conducted in Japanese, there was a story board to explain some technical aspects.

Diver Show. Free. IMG_2357.JPG

After the diver show, I ate my rice balls for lunch. And walked around the Free Native Okiwanan Village nearby.

1:00pm – Free Dolphin show at Okichan Theater. I came back at 12:50pm to grab a seat but the theater was packed to the brim. Only standing room allowed. The staff were also very particular about where you could stand. Get guidance from the staff or come earlier to catch a seat.

Dolphin Show. Free. IMG_2382

Prices of 2 eateries at the Ocean Expo Park. IMG_2330IMG_2370

The dolphin show was excellent. Great show to end my day trip to the Churaumi Aquarium and Ocean Expo Park.


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